Host a party that's anything but ordinary!

Do you want to take a follow-along, beginners-friendly art class with your friends?

Well, I'm your Bob Ross!

My painting parties work great for: birthday party, girls night, mommy/child, double date, bridal shower, work party, family reunion activity, church activity groups, and lots more!

Canvas Painting PartY

We paint together step-by-step to finish a painting that's easy enough for a beginner, but still looks good--you'll be proud to hang it on the wall! :)

To host a painting party:

--you provide the people, tables, chairs, and treats

--I provide all the supplies, but you cover your tables

--I come to your home (church, school, etc) and teach a workshop!


When you email me to book, we can discuss painting options. With birthdays, I ask the birthday kid what their favorite thing is (like animals or space or pineapples, etc) then I find a couple options for them to pick from. 

The parties usually last about 2 hours.

Pricing (All supplies are included in the cost--11x14 canvas)

$20 per persoN

(Minimum 3 people)

Large group Pricing

(more than 10 people):

$12 per person

Watercolor Workshop

You guys, these workshops are so fun! It's a girls' night that costs less than a meal at most restaurants! This is the most low stress way to learn how to watercolor paint --you're with all your friends and I teach you so that whether you're a beginner, or someone with some experience, you can all learn and have a blast!

I teach/demonstrate the crucial basic steps to doing good watercolor, then we do a landscape or flowers together!


To host a watercolor Workshop:

--you provide the people, tables/chairs, and treats!

--I provide all the supplies

--I come to your home and teach a workshop!

Each class is about 2 hours.


Pricing (all supplies are included in your cost.)

$15 per person

(minimum of 3 people)


Large group pricing

(more than 10 people)

$8 per person 

These parties are great for kids ages 8 and up, with a maximum of 8 kids/tweens or 10 teens.

For adults, I can teach as many as will fit in your space with a spot at a table! :)

Creating with friends is so therapeutic and fun!

 Email me to book today.

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