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SO. You have a teen or tween in your family (or maybe YOU) who loves art, and wants to take lessons! BUT, high quality, affordable art lessons are hard to come by. 

Plus, most schools don't get near enough resources to have an amazing (or even decent!) Visual Arts program. Thats why your kiddo wants more art than schools can offer.

Well, worry no more, because I've got your solution!

Get Art Smarts is a high quality Art curriculum with video

instruction for tweens/teens/and adults. This will be a great 

art curriculum for home schooling families who want to tailor to their children's' needs and interests. Parents with children in public schools can also use this program to supplement their child's access to Art, outside the few classes they may get in school. Stop looking all over pinterest to jumble together some random art lessons. You're a parent--you're busy enough! Let ME do the work, then you can get a curriculum that teaches your child skills in the proper sequence where each skill builds on the next, so they can be successful learning art!

coming soon! 

Thank you for your patience...

the best things are worth the wait!

Art is more than just a hobby. EVERY student will benefit from making art. 

Creative thinking is a CRUCIAL skill in today's fast paced,

innovative world! Studying art helps us to connect with other

people and cultures--to see how others view their world. When creating, we have to work hard, deal with mistakes, and make something tangible with our own hands that started as nothing! And in this day of instant gratification and screens everywhere we look, the process of creating is good for the soul

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Let's dive into some questons:

**Who is this course for?

--Any person over the age of ten, who wants to learn art!

(tweens, teens, and not-so-serious adults!) :) 

**What will I (or my child) Learn in this course?

Soon, I will finish my Comprehensive Foundation Curriculum where I integrate the three areas of Art Education:

--important art theory concepts

--how to use the main art mediums

--understand the major Art History movements

But, for now, I will focus on the first two, all about art theory and how to use art mediums! Those are soo important for them as they start out in art.

ALSO, just as important, the students will:

--grow in creativity and confidence

--have a blast making art! :)

**How IS this Amy person qualified to teach Art?


-I studied Art at BYU-Idaho, completed an Art Study Abroad program in Europe, and earned a Bachelor's Degree in Art Education

-I have an up-to-date teaching certificate in the state of Idaho for Art Ed. grades K-12. 

-I've taught people of all ages in schools, community centers, BYU-Idaho's beginner's art class, tons of church groups, and many private classes and lessons...

-I'm a working artist myself

**How Do I take the class?

It's all set up on the Online Learning platform Thinkific!


You watch a video lesson, then choose which project options to do for that assignment. (or do them all!) When you're ready to go on, you watch the next video! 

You can see pricing and more nitty gritty details on there. :) 

**THis sounds amazing, but is it SUPER expensive?


Good news...this course costs way less than most art classes and a fraction of the cost of private art lessons with a professional artist! Those can range from $20-$40/hr. (or way more.)

If you have one class each week, that's $80-$160 a MONTH! That's $960-$1920 a year! YIKES! With my online course, you will pay a tiny fraction of that! You'll be able to do the lessons whenever it works for your family, (convenience!!) AND you'll save gas money since you don't have to get in the car to drive your kiddos ONE MORE PLACE! HALLELUJAH, right?? haha!

Sign up through Thinkific (it's so easy! Just set up an account and sign up for Get Art Smarts! :)

Join "Get Art Smarts" TODAY!



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