I'm Amy

I like singing, eating cookies and cheesecake, hiking, laughing my bum off, and avoiding running.


But, most of all, I love CREATING art and CONNECTING with people. 

Art and people are my favorite!

Thank you so much for being here, you magnificent creature! *high five*

What? You need more, you say?!

Ok, You got it!  ;)

Hey! I'm Amy.  I live in Idaho with my husband Patrick and three sons, Hayden, Miles, and Theo.

I grew up way out in the country in a tight-nit family with two awesome parents and six kids. (I'm the second-youngest.) We had lots of fun and did lots of farm work.

As a kid, I talked to EVERYONE. I also loved singing, dancing, and any kind of ART!!

I was constantly in trouble for talking and doodling in school. I decided to stop getting yelled at for drawing in class, so I studied Art in college. I LOVED college so much! (Oh, and I met my hubby there!) After graduating from BYU-Idaho with a degree in Art Education, I had fun teaching Jr. high/High school art (cause tweens and teens are my people!) for a year before we started our own little family.

My cool, funny, bald husband, Patrick, is a Physical Therapist. He is good at math and anything practical and logical, but also loves playing the piano and guitar. He is amazing and patient with my hair-brained schemes. He loves (yeah, that's sarcasm) it when I say, "I've got the BEST idea!..." haha...  

My three little boys are extremely sweet and funny and wonderful! They can also be psycho little stinkers. Haha! But, I still adore them. :)

My journey into motherhood has been a bit rocky. After having three kiddos close together, (And having a major blood clot at the beginning of my 2nd pregnancy, then giving myself twice-daily blood thinner shots through the rest of that pregnancy and the next) my body,  hormones, and mental health were shot. I dealt with undiagnosed post-partum depression and anxiety that carried on for years till I sought help. After improving many habits for how I care for myself, then getting counseling and help from medication, I am doing SOOO much better! I like life again--I'm back to being fun and social! I feel happy to be a mom and motivated to continue with my professional goals again!! Which is awesome, since for several years I pretty much survived. But, now life is good with my little fam. :)

I love to draw people. I also love making art that people can connect to deep in their soul. But, I also like making quirky stuff just so people can see it and have a laugh. Gotta have balance, right?

After about 10 years of teaching art in several different settings (public school, a community center, out of my home, church groups, etc) I am currently teaching workshops in other people's homes, as well as art workshops for kids in my own home. I am also slogging away at an *overwhelming and daunting* project in the works--I'm designing a Video Art Curriculum for tweens and teens! It will be perfect for homeschool families, as well as families in public school who want more Art education for their children. It's exciting to put together everything I've learned from my years of teaching into one awesome package! 

OH! And I also do face-painting and murals, cause I'm random like that. :) 


I am Christian (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints aka Mormon)--every day I try to be like Jesus, do good for others, and please my Heavenly Father! Some days go better than others. Especially when my kids are being nutso and my patience runs out by 8:00 AM. *sigh*

I was a missionary for a year and a half in Missouri and Oklahoma, where I served those in need and taught people about Christ. I learned a lot about myself, about facing fears, about trusting God...and I experienced humidity! Haha! I met so many incredible people of deep faith; it was a super challenging, but awesome experience! 


I LOVE partying with friends and family. Meeting new people and connecting with them is one of my greatest joys! I just really love getting to know people! I love cookies and cheesecake. I love art. I obsess over home design. I love to sing--loudly, in my kitchen, as well as singing alto and tenor in small groups. I love to hike and dance. I love to be strong, so I force myself to exercise, even though it sucks. haha! I realllly don't love math or playing group sports. I'm shockingly bad at both!


I truly believe that we ALL have God-given gifts and passions, along with important stories and perspectives to share with the world!! This art journey is my way of sharing mine. :)

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