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Party Animal.

I'm here to help YOU
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in your home and life!
Get some Art  happiness in your life:

Online Course



Do you have a tween or teen (or maybe it's YOU) who really LOVES art?


Unfortunately, for most families, art classes/private art lessons usually aren't affordable, convenient, or even available.


Well, get ready, cause I have the solution for you...

 "Get Art Smarts!"

This is a FUN, comprehensive foundation Art course

I developed during my past 10 years of teaching art.

This video course is for tweens, teens, and not-so-serious adults who want

REAL art skills & knowledge.

You can take Art lessons at home and work at your own pace!

AND, it costs a fraction of traditional private lessons. *YAY!*


Do you want to try out my first video lesson for FREE!?

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FREE "Learn How to Draw ANYTHING" video!

I think you're going to love it! *high five*

Invest in surrounding yourself with visual reminders

of the people, places, and things that bring you JOY!

Then "home" will be your happy place.





Shop ART
Don't have a "blah" home.
Find ART
that speaks to
your soul.
Then make
your walls 
YOU can make amazing art!
I'll teach you the SKILLS and CONFIDENCE to get you
creating art!


Family Portrait




Check out my artwork that is available to purchase!
Learn more about my Video Foundation Art Class series! 




Definitely the classiest, coolest, and

most valuable option for your home!

Something for everyone!

Awesome art on a budget.

The most meaningful, special, 

personalized gift you could give!


An adorable way to celebrate the

people you cherish the very most!

"True You" Portrait


So much more than a traditional

portrait. I capture a person's

outer AND inner beauty--the

essence of who they truly are.

Just because you're an adult,

doesn't mean you have to wear

boring clothes. Have some fun!

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Do you live in South-Eastern Idaho?! Sweet, me too!

Here are the local services I offer...Art goodness that I bring to YOU!

Face Painting

Any event or party is 100 times cooler with face paint!

Custom Mural Painting

Make your home or business MAGICAL!

Painting Parties/Workshops

Throw a party that people rave about forever!

YOU are freaking amazing.

Thank you SO much for being here, you fabulous beast!


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